Nintendo Switch Sales Cross 4 Million in Japan


Nintendo Switch

According to Famitsu, one of the trackers for video game hardware and software sales in Japan, Switch sales had already crossed 4 million in Japan as of a few weeks ago. However, the more widely used tracker for Japanese sales (and indeed, the one we use for our weekly reports on Japanese sales) is Media Create—and today, Media Create announced that Nintendo’s Switch has hit the major milestone of 4 million units sold in Japan alone, just a little over a year.

The interesting thing here is how fast the Switch managed these sales—in comparison, it took the PS4 38 months (which is over three years) to hit the same milestone.

PS4 sales are a little over 6 million in Japan right now, which indicates that, if the Switch keeps up its current pace of sales, it will probably end up overtaking the PS4 in Japan at least before the year is up, especially if Smash Bros. and Pokemon both release this year.

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